Custom, high performance, handmade, and sustainable building products. 

How do we enhance residential, commercial, and institutional structures? 

ARG & Company connects New York City and the Greater New York Metro Area with custom, high-efficiency, handmade, and sustainable building products. As your architectural resource group and over 17 years working with noted designers, architects, engineers and builders on all styles, sizes and phases of construction projects, we provide clients with expert sales representation, material integration consultancy in both exterior and interior building product applications.  

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Is a Manufacturer's Representative similar to a Dealer?  

No. ARG & Company is a manufacturer’s representative. We act as both a direct representative to the end-user and as a representative to our manufacturer’s select dealers. We are independent of the typical dealer structure where multiple dealers share a similar market or region and/or one product may be promoted over another to drive down prices at the expense of quality and customer service. As an independent, but direct, manufacturers representative, ARG & Company’s team has the ability to match customers with the right manufacturer, dealer and product to assure the best possible fit, be it performance, design or budget. It means that skip any confusion and uncertainty by obtaining access to a manufacturer product specialist and support, fair pricing, design and specification assistance, full manufacturer warranty, factory access, and more. 

What is it like looking for and purchasing a product through ARG's resources?

Our team's vast experience with every phase of the design and construction process, helps keep projects on-time and on-budget. Our knowledge with order-time, applications, and finishes reduces room for error and delays. We're dedicated to ensuring client obtain products that lend to the aesthetics and functionality of the finished project. That means we strive to engage with you for the project entirety. 

The New York building marketplace has a pulse of its own. A roster of projects throughout the five boroughs and into the greater NY area illustrates the in-depth knowledge of the ARG staff. We understand the sensitivity of time-constraints, State and City regulations, and the speed in which it all changes. Our high-performing products are not only unique and innovative, they are appropriate and functional to the environment in which we live.

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Who are our Partners?

Our partners are building product manufactures, specialty dealers and installation experts that excel in their specific product niche. They care to help make your space is beautiful, comfortable, functional and efficient. Our manufacturers pair this passion for precision alongside their passion for design, or as we call it – the beauty of performance. These products lines are applicable to both new construction and renovation construction. They are used in design and construction of Passive House, LEED, Net Zero, Living Building, Landmark Restoration, Designer Homes and Commercial Building; including Healthcare, Education, Retail and Industrial spaces. 

Meet them.

Andrew R. Grisafi

An expert in residential and commercial building products, Andrew has two decades of experience, and a lifetime of interest in the design, architectural, real estate development and construction community. He ensures that projects are paired with the right products resulting in elegance, function and performance.

Andrew’s vast knowledge and relationships combines with a deep connection to the New York City and Greater New York Metro Area’s building market to provide manufacturers with strategic business development and sales representation.