Performance that supports Design & Sustainability Restrictions. 

With sustainability demands on the rise, ARG & Company knows the need for a sealing product that marries performance, reliability, and functionality. We strive to bring companies that illustrate how sustainability begins with every aspect of a project; careful attention to products that create a better environment for occupants and for the next generation. For hands on demonstration of joint sealing and flashing, click here. 


From joint-sealing to multifunction and flashing tapes, Hanno’s products provide acoustic and thermal solutions for residential and commercial construction use. Celebrating 120 years in business, Hanno knows the importance of innovating design and tested reliability. 

Why does Hanno stand apart from other sealing solutions?  

  • Thermal Insulation: Noise-insulating and Heat-insulating. 
  • Durable Rain Tightness: Optimum moisture management by moisture adaptive functional membrane.
  • Less Waste: Workable material for installation. 

Current offerings: 

  • (1) (2) BG1 compressed joint sealing tape: driving rain tight, vapor open, extremely durable – remains always flexible, UV/sun resistant.
  • (1) (2) (3) 3E multi-functional compressed tape: driving rain tight, excellent thermal/sound insulation, vapor open, air tight, extremely durable – remains always flexible, UV/sun resistant.
  • (1) (3) DUO Easy flashing tape for interior and exterior applications: driving rain tight, diffusion open, variable SD-value – adjusts to specific moisture situation, stretchable, strong adhesive, no primer necessary.


Thermal & Sound Insulation


Front Wall Installation System